Texture and Form 1
Class length: 1 day technique class.
Description: Nature is an endless source of beauty and inspiration. With this in mind, learn how to get rid of "flat"
appliqué. Students will learn to create texture and form using machine techniques.

Texture and Form 2
Class length: 2 day technique class.
Description: This is an expanded version of the Texture and Form Class 1.
We will go beyond machine techniques and introduce the use of alternative mediums such and paint, ink and colored pencil. Learn the pros and cons of lots of different mediums and their practical (and not so practical!) application.

Creating Realism 1
Class length: 1 day technique class.
Description: Experimenting with fabrics to produce natures wide range of patterns and colors is the focus of this class. We will explore the use of discharge, ink, crayon, pencil, foil and paint on fabric. By combining an unlimited amount of mediums we can recreate the textures and organic richness found only in nature.

Creating Realism 2
Class length: 3 to 5 day technique and composition class.
Description: This class is all about exploration! It is an expansion on the Creating Realism 1 class and it is in true workshop format. In this class we work with all kinds of mediums (paints, inks, bleach, crayon, etc.) and push the limits of our imaginations. The students will also be taken through the process of developing an original composition using the overhead projector and making individual patterns. Hopefully they will take these pieces home and continue to experiment and create.

LAYERS: Color, Form and Texture
Class length: 3 to 5 day technique and composition class.
Description: This class throws all the rules of stringent design out the window. First we will construct "units" by exploring machine techniques for texture and form. Then we will add color and depth with paint and colored pencils. Finally, the "units" will be assembled, collage style, into one fabulous piece. You will find working in the collage style easy and liberating.

Subjects that work well for collage are anything that can be layered like; fruit, vegetables, shells dishes, flowers, leaves...let your imagination run wild!

Apple Study 4
Class length: 2 day project class.
Description: I am constantly working on studies. They let me experiment without the commitment of a larger piece, and they make great gifts!

Create this study (24" x 36") of apples and lemons taken from my first book,
Velda Newman: a Painters Approach to Quilt Design.
The piece contains many of the fabric manipulation techniques I use in my larger pieces.
Bird Studies
Class length: 2 day project class.
Description: Are you a bird watcher like I am? If the answer is yes, come and take a class devoted to creating birds in cloth. We will use fabric, paint, inks and clever stictching techniques to create feathers, bills and beaks. We'll even put a gleam in their eye!

Quick and Easy Painting Techniques
Class length: 1 day painting class.
Description: Paint offers endless opportunities for creating special effects on fabric. Learn how to add color and give the illusion of shape, shadow and form to a flat surface.

Book Reference: A Workshop with Velda Newman,
C&T Publishing.


A Painter's Approach to Quilt Design
Lecture, Q & A and Quilt Exhibition

Class length: About an hour (lecture and slideshow).
Description: This lecture is about inspiration and evolution. Through slides I show how I started, how I work now, and share a little bit about what I've learned and the obstacles I've encountered throughout my 20+ year creative journey. My intention is to encourage by example. I hope attendees will leave inspired - feeling that if I can do it they can too. I like to bring as many quilts as I can and am open to all questions.

$700 per day, up to 20 students
plus meals, expenses and single hotel room
There may be an additional, small fee for the dye, fabric, and auxiliary supplies needed.
$600 per lecture